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New Client in the Studio!

Every once in a while a recording engineer encounters an artist that has that natural raw God given vocal talent and is an absolute pleasure to work with in the studio. Meet Frank Sullivan - I promise I will post a picture... ugh, I should have took one when he was here in the studio! In addition to being a standup, awesome young man, he's an amazing vocalist. I haven't encountered a vocal talent like this in a very long time.... and did I mention a joy to work with in the studio. He arrived on-time (very rare for musicians!), prepared, ready to go and so easy to work with!

I have high hopes for Frank and his future career as a vocalist especially in theater and ultimately Broadway (no pressure!) and I have confidence he will get there!

Thank you Frank for recording in my little studio and good luck!!

To hear a track from the session click on the link below:

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