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It's here! My new album is officially released! 
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About the Owner and Engineer

About the Engineer - Blake Duncan

Thank you for visiting the new Sonic Trinity Studios formally Long Cane Studios now located in beautiful Kingston, New Hampshire. 

I have been a gigging musician for 25 plus years and have had the honor of performing with many talented musicians and musical groups in the southeast for many of those years.  Primarily a keyboard player, I also play guitar, bass, drums/percussion and have performed as a lead and backing vocalist on stage and in the studio.

Since I was a wee lad, I've always had a passion for music and performing. Influenced by my mom who was a piano teacher, my step-dad who was a jazz/swing/big band pianist and my brother who is a singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter, it was just fate that I follow the path.  In 1994, I got my true exposure to actual music production, audio recording and engineering at an awesome studio in Warner Robbins GA.  In the late 90's, I teamed up with an engineer and producer with 30+ years of experience in the industry and built "Whistle Stop Studios" and started "MSD Records" in Salem, AL that produced albums for local Gospel and Blues artists in the area.

In 2010, "Long Cane Studios" in LaGrange, GA was initially built as comfortable space for the band to practice but quickly evolved.  On a shoe-string budget, I modified my "shed" into a quasi sound-proof space in which I recorded and produced a lot of albums and demos for local artists and bands.  

In 2017, Long Cain Studios moved to Kingston, New Hampshire and became Sonic Trinity Studios with the primary focus on audio mixing and mastering services for musicians and groups. Artists can upload their project tracks to me,  I will import those tracks in my audio software, run through all the "goodies", master and produce a "radio ready" song or album. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email, I will respond as soon as I can. 

When you are ready to pull the trigger and hear what STS can do for your audio masterpiece, please click "MIX/MASTER" in the top menu or click the button below.


Let's talk about your audio project!

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