My passion is to help talented musicians make awesome sounding recordings and produce a great "radio-ready" song or an album.  Please scroll down to the bottom to book a consultation.
Rates are subject to change depending on the size and complexity of your project.


$150 an hour  

Mixing and Mastering $50 a song

For Single artist and bands (up to 5 artists due to space restrictions) 


For artists with pre-recorded backing tracks - $50 a song recorded and mastered.

Let's book a session! 

Contact me for details!

Mixing and Mastering:

If you have tracks or "stems" you have recorded in your home studio or professional studio and you would like STS to mix and master your song or project.   I can import this into my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), mix and master your song or project.

Contact me for details!

Mobile Recording

Your band is performing at an awesome gig, you want a professional recording of the show but your performers don't have a third arm to run/monitor a recording device - no problem!  I can come to the gig (up to a 50 mile radius from my home location), setup my equipment. I can ether tap into your mixing console via USB, capture the individual instruments/vocalists or setup my mics and lines, run them to my own mixing console and capture the audio from the show. I will take that recording, transfer it into my main system then mix and master it for you!

Contact me to discuss details and pricing!

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