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Huge Announcement!! My new Contemporary Christian Album in the works!

Yep folks, I am in process of recording a new Contemporary Christian album comprised of older Christian songs that have brought me inspiration in the past years. I hope I can do these songs justice! It's a challenge as the last time I did this was several years ago but since then I've been working hard on my keyboard and guitar playing, even trying to learn how to play my Mandolin! Most of all I've been "head down" really concentrating on improving my production, recording, mixing skills as I want this album to be the best it can be - it will be my legacy! So I'm pulling out all the stops, pushing the envelope and reaching out to other talented musicians to collaborate with on this project. So far I would like to thank Shawn Altman of Weatherwood Studios in Midland GA, Joey Barna and Nick Pangaro.

Release date is scheduled for December of 2019, hopefully before Christmas! Ya'll stay tuned for more updates and audio clips from the album!

I will also work on posting videos of the progress as well! Should be a blast!

In the meantime here is a snipet:

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