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Mobile Recording Special Offer for Performing Musicians in the New Hampshire - Massachusetts area!

Sonic Trinity Studios always supports the local musicians and being a musician myself, I definitely understand that some gigs don't normally pay a lot or you/your band may be performing a show for free. So to help with this, I am offering to waive my travel fee, come to your venue, setup my equipment, mix ( if needed) and record your show.

Unfortunately I do not have the means to travel all over the place so I do have to limit this to a 50 mile radius from my location in Kingston, New Hampshire unless anyone wants to purchase plane ticket for me! For mixing the show, I have a few other simple conditions:

* I can mix / record up to a six piece band. I have a 16 channel digital mixing console, so if it stays within that, it's good to go.

* You provide the main speakers and monitoring speakers/Personal In-Ear-Monitoring systems. My mixing console can provide up to 6 mono aux / 3 stereo aux channels or any combination thereof for your personal monitoring.

* You provide all the microphones and cables for your vocalist and instruments. I have a select few specialized microphones to reinforce the recording of acoustic instruments, if needed. Otherwise all vocals and instruments will be a direct input into the mixing console.

Price List:

$ 0 - Travel/Mileage Expense - Good until August 31st

$ 50 - Setup fee - Flat Rate.

$ 25 - Hourly rate for Mixing and Recording the show

Ala Carte Services:

$ 0 - Rough mix down of the show. High Quality MP3s emailed directly to you or I can upload to a shared cloud drive within 48 hours after the show.

$ 150 - Professionally mix and master the show - High Quality MP3s emailed directly to you or uploaded to a shared cloud drive. Time varies due to complexity of the tracks/performance but usually within five days.

Please contact me for more details: email :

Or click on this link: - Select "MOBILE RECORDING" and Click the "BOOK IT" button and I will contact you within 24 hours.

Thank you and see you at the show!

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