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2023 Coming in with a Vengance!

First off - I have one simple request .... please.. oh please would the kids stop growing up so fast!!

My beautiful daughter Brianna just had a birthday yesterday and my grand daughter Marli Jo is growing like a weed, I mean just look at the ultra cuteness! It was just a couple of years ago when Jake (Brianna's fiance) texted me and told me Brianna was in the delivery room about to give birth - seems like it was last week!

And here's queen Amelia! She's 8 months old now - she will totally bypass crawling and go straight to walking and I foresee her getting into everything! Yeah, she's got grampy wrapped around her little finger!

My third album "Warriors for Jesus" was release on Jan 29, 2023.

This album was a challenge but was totally worth it. I want to sincerely thank Josh Acevedo, Jesse Leger, Shawna Jackson, Dan Messick and Shawn Altman for contributing to this album.

Jesse and Josh performed "Scars in Heaven" for our dear beloved friend Bob Larochelle that passed away last November. Bob was truly a warrior in every sense of the word and will be forever missed. I only knew Bob for a couple of years but I would like to think that we were good friends and I really looked up to him.

I met Jesse Leger a couple of years ago and at Bob's funeral he and I talked about coming in to the studio to record his song "Ring the Bell". A few weeks later, Jesse came in and did just that. I was absolutely blown away with this song and his talent is just off the charts.

This happened February of last year but I have to post it! I got to see Journey and Toto in concert at TD Garden and the funny thing about it, Toto wasn't supposed to even be on this tour. Originally, Billy Idol was opening for Journey but due to illness, Billy had to cancel and Toto was put in. I have been waiting to see Toto live for many many years but they always played overseas.

Although the only original members performing was Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams, they put on a fantastic show.

Journey was awesome also. It was a particular treat to see Dean Castronova on drums and vocals and Jonnathon Cain on keyboards. Neal and Arnel did a great job!

After taking nearly a two year break from the stage, Last year I started playing keyboards in two bands : "Left in the Dark" and "Shawna Jackson Band". Unfortunately LITD didn't last due to some unforeseen circumstances (prayers for John and Ronisa Hannon). However, SJB is cooking right along - 14 gigs lined up for Spring and Summer. This a talented fantastic group of folks and I'm very honored to be a part of this band.

Last Sunday was my debut playing keyboard for the Worship Team at Granite United Church. I am so blessed to be a part of the awesome talented team!

This year is just getting started and there is so much planned such as a five year anniversary, a big birthday, and a trip to Italy!

Stay tuned - same Bat time, same Bat channel!

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