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It's Been a BUSY BUSY Year and it's not over yet!

Wow! What a rollercoaster ride of a year... so far and it's only August!

For my own sanity, let's recap some major stuff going on:

I'm a new grandfather! Amelia Michelle Galle was born June 27th, 2022 and that little rascal has already stole my heart!

I started performing again with not one but two bands! I'm playing keys and acoustic guitar for "Left in the Dark" and "The Shawna Jackson Band" out of Manchester and Auburn New Hampshire. Different bands - "Left in the Dark" is a classic rock band and "Shawna Jackson Band" is a country band. I'm really enjoying performing on stage again after taking a three year break but as much as I like performing - the equipment unloading, setup, tear down, loading ... well the older I get the harder it is, I'm just so glad speakers are not as heavy as they used to be!

June 1st, I got a new keyboard!! After purchasing my Yamaha MODX in 2018 I didn't think that I would ever need another keyboard but after the first time lugging my 50lb Korg Kronos to a gig, I told my wife, "yep that's not going to happen again!" and with her help, I purchased a Korg Nautilus. The Nautilus is basically a Kronos "lite" - has all the same functions and sounds (plus some really cool new ones) but without the Karma engine, weighted keys and the BEST part - it's only 30lbs!

My other granddaughter Marli Jo will turning 2 year olds on November 29 of this year - Holy crap!! Where has the time gone!! She's so stinkin' CUTE!!!

My wife has had two shoulder surgeries - one last year and another a couple of months ago - whew - glad we got through that but you know, if you can be confined to the house together for nearly two years during the COVID times and not kill each other, then it's a win win in my book!

I got to see THE best Queen tribute band - "One Night with Queen" - Gary Mullens

I finally got to see Toto in concert!! Oh and Journey happened to be there also... HA!

August 19th marks the one year anniversary of the passing of my dearest friend Robert Loesch - I miss him

I think that's it... so far! I'm sure this year is not done with me yet plus it's time to get started thinking about another EP. With the gig schedule between the two bands, it's going to be tough to fit this in but I've been slacking in the studio as of late and it's definitely time to get some tracks down.

See you on the flip side!

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