Harrison MixBus DAW software!

Hey gang!! It's a bit past July 4th Holiday and I hope everyone had a great one!

So I'm digging into learning a new DAW software - Harrison MixBus and I have to say, at first when playing with the demo, I was not impressed .. well I take that back, I was impressed with the overall "sound" but not the workflow. It seemed a bit of a challenge to accomplish some tasks compared to easily doing these things in Studio One. However, in the past couple of weeks, I've been on a mission to learn MixBus and the more I'm mixing in it, the more I'm really starting to love it! It just has a great big warm punchy "analog" sound that I just don't get from Studio One, or I have to pile on four analog style plugins on every track to get that analog sound. MixBus just does it!

I wanted to post a recent mix I did in MixBus and you guys tell me what you think? I will post two links below - one I did in Studio One and the second in MixBus.

This awesome tune is from the Chad Hollister Band out of Vermont- follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chadhollisterband/

Song: "Eyes"

Tracks were submitted to David Vignola of Home Recording Made Easy for members to download and mix. Huge thanks to Chad Hollister for allowing members to download the tracks and mix in our style.

From Studio One:


From MixBus: