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Happy New Year!!

I, like a lot of other folks are are glad to see 2020 go. It goes without saying 2020 was definitely one of the toughest years I've been through and I have seen some pretty challenging times but certainly not like this but we got through it...kicking and screaming, we did it. I just wish the US powers-that-be would stop being such immature ... yeah, on second thought... I'm not going there!

On a very good note, My granddaughter Marli Joe was born on November 29th and my step-daughter got engaged and the wedding is planned for August 2021.

I personally wanted to reach out to all my family and friends - I'm so blessed you're in my life and I love each and every one of you - I can't wait until hugs are allowed again instead of social distanced "air hugs" and being able to see faces again without masks. Things can get back to normal or as normal as it can be - at this point, I will take quasi-normal.

With that, I have a couple of STS recording projects coming up this year that I wanted to share::

  • Kelly Geraghty and Matt Cooke from Hingham, MA will be coming into the studio to start on a five song EP. Kelly will be doing all the vocals, Matt will be recording the guitars/bass and I will in the commander chair pressing the record button. Kelly is an killer vocalist with a vocal range for days and Matt is awesome on guitar. This will be a great EP!

  • After the successful release of "In the Beginning" ... what? You haven't heard it?? Really? Well let me post that YouTube link: This was a great collaboration between Jay Gilbert and Myself. This song featured Tommy Lynes speaking the inspirational John 1:1 verses and our good friend and sister in Christ, Regina Demeo. Regina's vocals took this song to the next level - I am so grateful to her for taking the time to do this. Be sure to look for this song on Spotify and iTunes - Click on the graphic below to go to iTunes. So what's next you ask, well Jay is working hard on lyrics for a full album and we will be getting started on that very soon.

  • My personal goal: My brother Bret Duncan has been writing and composing songs like mad for the past couple of Dropbox overfloweth! Seeing these lyric/song ideas coming is such a welcome sight but it's tough to collaborate on songs with so much distance between us. I'm bound and determined to record, produce and release at least 10 songs this year, let's get to work Bret!

I believe those are some lofty goals! I better quit typing in this blog and get crackin'!

And in case you haven't heard ... I got a new desk! Well actually I got it last September but I just really like this desk and I haven't posted pictures of it in a ... couple of days!! My step-daughter and her fiance got me a really comfy chair for Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and the New Year brings comfort and happiness to you and your families.

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