It's all about the bling!

I'm just so damn proud of my new desk - it's so freaking awesome!! Eventually I probably will be told ... "Hey Blake, enough about your desk, we're tired of hearing about it" but until then, let the updated pictures keep a posting!

With that, I'm all about indirect ambient groovy lighting effects. In my mind, it creates a really cool vibe and atmosphere to work in especially in a recording studio - it's a totally different mindset. Hey, I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to play, write, or record music in an area that looks like a doctor's office! So with that, I added some nice lighting to my new desk all controlled by an app on my phone... can we talk about how cool that is! I found these self-adhesive LED light strips on the Amazon for about $28. They are bluetooth and WiFi and controlled by an app. All kinds of different scenes and they are even sound sensitive (flash to music). Here's a picture:

Pay no attention to the spaghetti of wires behind the desk! I will get to it and clean it up!

How cool is that?!

I have this lookin' good and it's also working very well! It's so much more comfortable! Bring on the music!


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