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The Countdown begins 6 Days...

My album "Transformation" is right on track for release in 6 days! Wow! I can't believe it's so close! All the hard work, all the late nights - listening to all these songs over and over and over... yep, I'm ready to get this out to the world.

I want to take a moment and sincerely thank the following folks for all their help and support:

My wife, Lori! She has put up with me talking about this and agonizing over this for months and she even recorded backing vocals on "Great Are You Lord". She did such a wonderful job!

Joey Barna - performed and recorded "Jesus Messiah". My brother in Christ! Awesome job on this tune! Also recorded backing vocals on "People of God". Always love hanging out with you and making great music!

Regina Demeo - Braved the bad weather a couple of days to come to the studio and record lead vocals on "Your Love Awakens Me". Also recorded backing vocals on: "What a Beautiful Name/Break Every Chain" and "People of God".

Jay Gilbert - Composed and wrote "People Of God". Awesome song and a great addition to the album! Thank you Jay for letting me put this great tune on my album!

Nick Pangaro - I posted a request on Facebook page New Hampshire Acoustic Music Association asking for someone to play mandolin parts on "10000 Reasons". Nick graciously answered the ad, came to the studio and recorded some really great mando tracks. Turned out awesome and brought a great vibe to this song. Thank you Nick!

Brian Curry - What can I say about this guy! Comes into the studio, unpacks his electric guitar, begins to play and just wows the crap out of all us! Very talented guitarist, a really nice guy and is what we call in the recording industry, the "one take wonder"! Brian recorded all the electric guitar and bass tracks for "People of God".

Here's a few photos from the recording sessions - I've got to get better with capturing moments:

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