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What a busy couple of months!

Even during this pandemic time and self quarantine, STS has been pretty busy! In early June, I started a big 2 CD project for St. Paul's Resurrection church in Hingham, MA. These folks are so very talented and super nice. It's been an honor and a blessing to record and produce these songs. We're looking forward to the release of these songs hopefully by the end of August or early September.

Also started a new album project for my good friend Jay Gilbert. 98% completed the first song on the album and studio time is booked!

This is probably the most awesome news! My daughter Brianna writes poetry and wrote a few poems a few years ago during here "spiritual journey" through Utah and California. My brother Bret has taking two of those poems, mashed them together, sorted the lyrics and wrote a killer song. He recorded a couple of acoustic guitar parts, did a scratch vocal at his place in Hendersonville NC then sent me the tracks. I recorded a bass track, keyboard tracks, more "Guitar" parts (used GeoShred) and backing vocal tracks. This is the first true collaboration of a song between my brother, myself and my daughter - I have no words to express how awesome this is. Looking forward to completing this and giving it to Brianna!

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